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Our mission at Old Bridge Veterinary Hospital is to provide high quality veterinary care in a relaxed and friendly setting.  We are experienced, compassionate professionals, who treat each patient as if they are our own.  We want our animal companions to have the highest quality of life and our clients to have peace of mind when they choose our hospital.  

When you trust us with the care of your pet, you become more than just a client—you are a member of OBVH family.  We provide friendly, informative, and supportive veterinary services for you and your pet, maintain a superior working environment for our employees, and care for your pet with the love and attention they deserve.

We are excited to announce Old Bridge Veterinary Hospital will be reopening on May 31, 2022. Clients will be welcome to come inside and accompany their pets during appointments. Some of our veterinarians may request face masks to be worn in exam rooms during appointments. Our staff members will inform you when scheduling and upon check in. Clients that wish to not wear a mask will have the option to choose a different veterinarian when scheduling or utilize curbside service. Curbside service will remain in effect for pets that will be boarding and dropping off for grooming appointments. In addition, we will continue to offer curbside service for any client that feels more comfortable this way. We care about your pet’s health as much as we do yours. If you are showing any signs of illness or have been exposed to COVID-19 within 10 days of your visit with us, we ask that you stay home. As always, we ask that you be patient with our staff as we begin this process. We also ask that you follow any instructions relayed by members of the staff. We understand that bringing your pet to the veterinarian can be very stressful. Delays and emergencies are unavoidable, but rest assured that we strive to provide each patient with the same level of care that you have come to expect. Thank you for your continued support of Old Bridge Veterinary Hospital.

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All of us at Old Bridge Veterinary Hospital would like to thank you for visiting our website.  We want to be a valuable resource to you by providing the care, education, and tools you need to be the best pet parent you can be.

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